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Looking for a clean and inexpensive divorce?

We're the only divorce lawyer in Singapore that guarantees you’ll save up to 56% on legal fees through our 100% complimentary consultation…

…else we’ll work for FREE

*Limited to assembling the Statement Of Particulars for Simplified Uncontested Divorce (i.e. no matrimonial assets, no maintenance, no children) without substantive advice on the merits of the case.

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“This is my first conversation with Jonathan on the phone, I am convinced that he is living his company’s core value statement. He is 100% synced with his company’s purpose statement and values statement. The company’s belief that financial performance must no longer be their sole pursuit but a higher purpose - to bring greater access to help, answer, fairness and justice is commendable. Be the light to lit the path of those lost in the legal jungle. Thank you so much Jonathan.”
- Alex Pandian

Let me guess.

You’re here on my website for one thing, and one thing only —
finding the best divorce lawyer within your budget
to get an un-messy and fast divorce that…

...and ultimately walk away from your marriage still as friends, without hurting your kids in the process.

Let’s face it

The divorce process can be torturous for their entire family, especially their kids.

While they’re negotiating the divorce terms with their spouses, the kids are inadvertently the ones caught in the crossfire.

And it’s a hard pill to swallow that they, as their parents, are the ones causing them pain.

There was a case where a couple’s marriage started to fall apart, and they’d even engage in screaming matches that would sometimes result in broken furniture.

As a result, their eldest son who witnessed it all grew up with a lot of anger and resentment.

They did manage to eventually fix back the marriage, and had a second son who grew up in a peaceful family environment.

And this made a huge difference in their children’s success.

Their second son was a straight ‘A’ student, graduated with multiple honours in university, and is pursuing a very promising and well-respected career.

On the other hand, the eldest son who was caught in the crossfire of the burning marriage…

Failed most of his classes, became a recluse addicted to gaming, and developed anger issues that frequently resulted in violence.

Their parents are still together and their relationship has improved, but at the cost of their eldest son.

That’s exactly what I’m trying
to prevent.

We achieve this by helping you understand your current position, reach an acceptable consensus with
your spouse, and navigate you through the entire legal process…

All in the fastest and least expensive way possible, so that emotional and financial stress on you
and your family is kept to the minimum.

The legal process is complicated.
It’s my job to simplify things for you.

As the Managing Director of Tembusu Law LLC with over 19 years of experience...

I’ve seen countless cases where both spouses drag it out and end up walking away hating each other more than ever.

The reason?

Their fears of practical and financial consequences from the divorce, resulting in both spouses constantly on edge with each other, unwilling to adjust their demands even the slightest bit.

Here’s how things nastily played out for some of the cases we’ve seen:

The couple can’t agree on the terms, and start to say hurtful things to each other which causes even more tension.

They leave the unproductive meeting more furious than ever, but also feel a bit worried that…

...their spouse has dirty tricks up his or her sleeve.

Worst case scenario, some spouses may resort to unthinkable
emotional manipulation and even dragging in their kids to
get what they want. (which is a very bad idea by the way…
we saw a case like this, and the emotionally torn child eventually cut off contact with both of them after reaching adulthood).

But that’s not all. Constant arguments and tensions between the spouses lead to extended legal cases that are extremely expensive and exhausting for both spouses.

(P.S. Such cases usually lead to 2 bloodied and exhausted people and 1 winner — their lawyers, whose billable hours skyrocketed with their endless back-and-forth)

Let’s prevent this.

I want to help you walk away from your marriage with the least long-term damage possible, be it in terms of your assets, or your relationship with your kids and partner…

...All while making your divorce process as smooth and swift as possible.


Here’s a sneak peek into the divorce secrets we’ll be covering:

What truly separates us from other divorce lawyers

Chances are, you landed on our site through Google, with at least 3 other law firm websites tabs open right now.

However, as a lawyer myself, I’ve seen some questionable practices among other divorce lawyers.

There are cases where both spouses just wanted a clean break and move on as quickly as possible, and some cases where spouses are willing to go to war to destroy each other.

But more often than not, if a couple comes in together peacefully, the lawyer would have a BAD DAY. Why?

Because he would make the least money off them.

The sad truth about legal matters is that the longer it takes, the more both spouses lose (financially and emotionally), while the more the lawyer profits.

No matter how much I’m not a fan of this skewed situation, it’s true.

This is why I’m trying to change the notion that “at the end of the day, the real winners are the lawyers”

Here at Tembusu Law, we want a WIN-WIN situation.

We aim to make your divorce process as fast and least complicated as possible, because we want the real “winners” to be you and your spouse — not us.

This definitely reduces our profitability per client.

But with over 7000 annual divorces in Singapore, that’s almost 20 couples filing for a divorce every single day, and this volume of clients makes it possible for us to operate in this client-centred way.

If we can help our clients get exactly what they want, then we also want the shortest case possible.

Awards & Accolades

About Jonathan Wong

Hi, I’m Jonathan Wong,
the Founder and Managing Director of Tembusu Law.

Having been a lawyer for close to 2 decades,
I’ve personally won hundreds of legal cases throughout
my career from criminal cases to civil litigation cases,
especially family divorce cases.

Here are some of my more prominent achievements:


"I reached out through their website and immediately received a response from Jonathan one of the lawyers. He was prompt, knowledgeable and helpful. Certain informations was asked and we came on call on the scheduled day. He suggested a few steps that could be taken to ensure of my safety and benefits. He suggested a few steps that could be taken to ensure of my safety and benefits. I am grateful for the help."
Roshni Kaur
“We'd want to express our gratitude to Mr. Jonathan & Tembusu Law LLC. We sought his legal advice on a specific issue inside our residential unit. Before pursuing legal action, he offered us a detailed analysis of the benefits and drawbacks. Unlike other lawyers, he speaks with the warmth of a long-time friend. We strongly advise you to consult his firm if you've any legal issues.”

Melvin Yeo
“Jonathan & Rico were a beacon of hope to me at a time when my options appeared limited and the likelihood of a satisfactory resolution seemed nigh on impossible.Calm, patient, supportive and reasonable in the turnoil I was going through. I am eternally grateful for their legal assistance and would definitely use Tembusu again although I hope not to have to.”

Amir Nada

My only goal is to provide you with my best advice from experience, so that you can achieve the desired terms with your spouse and settle your divorce
case as quickly as possible.

Here’s what to do next

If you’d like to settle your divorce as quickly as possible with the least financial and emotional burden,then go ahead and apply for a complimentary consultation with me personally.

Every couple is different, and their situation is undoubtedly unique to them.

That’s why it’s crucial for us to run through your situation together, and come up with a custom-tailored solution that outlines the best “next steps” for you to settle your divorce with the least hassle.

This valuable consultation is extremely important, as I’ve seen hundreds of clients gain crystal clear clarity on their situation just with this consultation alone.

Having to go through a divorce is already hard enough, let’s not make it even harder by skipping this important step.

Our “Call us Crazy” Guarantee -- if you don’t save up to 56% on your legal fees through this consultation…

We'll work for FREE*

Keep in mind:

This consultation isn’t a sales pitch that revolves around “here’s our prices, which package would you like?”.

This is a session where we’ll run through your unique situation together, and create a clear detailed outline of the possible steps you can take in your divorce.

Essentially… This session is designed to provide you with extreme clarity on your divorce so that you can make your own informed decision on your next steps.

That’s why if you don’t save AT LEAST 56% on your legal fees after our consultation…
We’ll handle your entire divorce case free of charge.

*Limited to assembling the Statement Of Particulars for Simplified Uncontested Divorce (i.e. no matrimonial assets, no maintenance, no children) without substantive advice on the merits of the case

However, this complimentary consultation isn’t for everyone

This complimentary consultation is only for people looking
to get a highly experienced divorce lawyer to advise them on their possible next steps based on their unique situation.

Because the truth is, I don’t want to sign everyone who walks through the door as a client.

Not every couple will be a good fit for our help, and I will gladly refer them to another law firm the moment I realize they are better served elsewhere.

That’s why I will only open up the opportunity to move forward together AFTER I’ve understood and given custom-tailored advice based on your goals and needs.

Just like how I may refer you to another law firm, there is absolutely no obligation for you to proceed with me as your legal counsel, and the insights you gained will be free for you to take home.

If you’d like to gain invaluable insights and expert advice on your divorce, this consultation with me is the fastest and most effective way.
Went to afew of lawyers only to be dissapointed with their comments and remarks. Was looking online and chance upon Jonathan, called him up and immediately got a reponse. He put in effort to find out about my case and gave me advice on what to do next. He was very clear and easy to talk to and most important he was willing to help us.

Shima Matin
I had sent my query to Jonathan from tembusu after work hours on a Friday and the weekend. Surprisingly, he replied almost immediately and was very responsive to my queries. He even had slides prepared to teach me during the first consult. Being the managing director of tembusu, it was great effort on his part to address my concerns sincerely and spent quite a lot of time to explain give me an overview of the criminal system in Singapore. He was transparent on his fees as well and it’s good value. (:

Goodera100 Chean
Jonathan and his team had been very transparent in letting me know the process and the next course of action. He had my best interest at heart, and had gone to great lengths to get the best outcome for my case. I am extremely thankful and grateful to Jonathan and his team, for getting me the best outcome for my case. I finally am able to have peace of mind and move on with life. If you are thinking of hiring a lawyer, you will not go wrong by picking Jonathan. Once again, I would like to sincerely thank Tembusu Law LLC for their unmatched professionalism.
neo jw

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Step 4

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WARNING: Slots are extremely limited -- do NOT apply for this consultation if…

Before you apply for your complimentary consultation, do note that I only have so many hours in a day.

As such, complimentary consultation slots like these are extremely limited.

That’s why only people who are absolutely serious about getting a divorce with the least hassle possible should apply for this.

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