Jonathan Wong interviewed by The Straits Times on surge in legal queries during COVID-19 and Coronavirus Circuit Breaker Period

by Apr 28, 2020News0 comments

Yes, we’ve seen an increase in people asking for legal advice during the current coronavirus pandemic.

We’ve come across clients who ask if they must continue to make their maintenance payments to their former wives and children, after losing their jobs or having their salaries reduced.

Many who are sharing custody of their children with their ex-spouses also ask how their existing rights and arrangements for access to their children are affected by the Circuit Breaker safe-distancing measures and rules.

As mentioned in this week’s interview and article with Tembusu Law’s Jonathan Wong (The Singapore Lawyer and LawGuide Singapore) by The Straits Times, we encourage divorced couples not to take advantage of the current Circuit Breaker situation and prevent their former spouses from having access to their children. The time is always right to do what is right.

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