Do the Police need a Court warrant to arrest you?

by 8 April 2021Criminal Defence, FAQ

Do the Police need a Court warrant to arrest you?

Depending on the type of criminal offence involved, the Police can arrest you with or without getting a Court-issued warrant to detain you for investigations or to produce you in Court to be formally charged for a criminal offence.

If the Police do not have a Court Warrant, they can only arrest you when they have a reasonable suspicion that you’ve committed an arrestable offence.

Examples of arrestable offences (which is found in the Criminal Procedure Code) include:

  • Theft, Cheating and Criminal Breach of Trust (CBT)
  • Criminal intimidation and criminal trespass
  • Dishonestly receiving or retaining stolen property
  • Robbery, unlawful assembly & rioting
  • Voluntarily causing grievous hurt, voluntarily causing hurt by dangerous weapons or means
  • Sexual assault by penetration without consent (including oral or anal sex), commercial sex with minor under 18 years of age, doing an obscene act in a public place
  • Drug trafficking, possession or consumption
  • Offences under the Computer Misuse and Cybersecurity Act
  • Assault or use of criminal make to deter a public servant from discharge of his duty

For non-arrestable offences, the Police will typically need to get a Court Warrant before they can effect an arrest.

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About the author

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