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Are you in one of these situations?

  • Want to get a Divorce but only married for less than 3 years?
  • Choosing between getting an Annulment or Divorce?
  • Claiming more Maintenance from your husband?
  • Fighting to get Care & Control of your Children?
  • Trying to get more Access & Visitation Rights to your Children?
  • Want to get your fair share of the Matrimonial Assets?

Not to worry, we’ve got a plan to help you.

Once you’ve engaged us, we move straight ahead into designing a customised Divorce and Family Dispute action plan which typically involves the following:

  1. 1. Fact-finding

    • We collect background information and your instructions relating to (a) the profile and status of your relationship with your spouse (i.e. before, during and after the breakdown of your relationship) and (b) your proposals regarding the ancillary matters, such as the following:
      • Matrimonial Home: Do you want to sell or transfer your share of the property? Does your spouse agree to waive the reimbursement of CPF monies if there’s a sale or transfer of his share of the property?
      • Maintenance for Wife: Does the Wife plan to ask for Maintenance? Can the Husband pay Maintenance in a lump sum or in monthly payments?
      • Maintenance for Children: How much are the Children’s expenses? How much should their Maintenance be shared between the parents?
      • Custody of Children: Do the parents agree that they should share Joint Custody? If they disagree on this issue, is there a way to negotiate and reach a compromise?
      • Care & Control of Children: Have the parents discussed and agreed on who will get Care & Control? Which parent’s home as well as living arrangement and environment are most suitable for this?
      • Access & Visitation Rights: How do you restrict your spouse’s amount of Access & Visitation Rights using? What are the differences between liberal, reasonable, supervised and unsupervised Access? What steps can you take to enforce your Access rights if your spouse doesn’t comply with the Access Order?
    • With our help, you’ll complete a fact-finding and bio-data questionnaire which helps us take a first step towards compiling the basic information and your instructions relating to (a) your relationship profile and (b) your proposals regarding the ancillary matter and your spouse’s requests or demands. This is to obtain information on your personal, family, education, employment, professional and financial background and profile which is important for us refer to in our negotiations, mediation and arguments in Court.
    • We craft and assemble a detailed internal statement containing your full instructions, description, must-have needs and overall objectives relating to the Divorce & Family Dispute in question.
    • We organise and manage the evidence in support of your case including (a) existing evidence already in your possession and (b) evidence which needs to be obtained.
  2. 2. Negotiation & Mediation

    • We negotiate with your spouse e.g. by preparing and sending written communications (e.g. letters, emails) and conducting negotiations and mediation sessions such as the. Family Dispute Resolution Conference (FDRD) by the Family Justice Courts of Singapore (FJC) and Ministry of Social & Family Development (MSF).
    • We research the relevant law, legislation and provisions to determine the potentially disclosed offences and assess the strengths and weaknesses of your case and determine whether your prospects of successfully fighting for your rights or challenging your spouse’s demands are good.
    • We research the relevant legal provisions and case authorities (such as previously decided cases) relating to your objectives and anticipate the possible questions and views by the Court. This will also enable us to weigh up the risks and rewards in your case and help us to advise you on the appropriate expectations, objectives and strategy.
    • We plan and execute a strategy to navigate the investigation process with a view to maximising your rights.
    • We craft and assemble a suitable representation to be conveyed to the authorities at an appropriate time to obtain a favourable and desired outcome in this case. 
  3. 3. Court Hearing

    • If you’ve decided that it’s in your best interests to fight for your rights and challenge your spouse’s demands, we’ll prepare and present detailed submissions and legal arguments in Court to seek the most favourable allocation and distribution of matrimonial rights in the circumstances.
    • We package, position and promote the key factual and legal grounds that would help to persuade and convince the Court to fairly and responsibly exercise its discretion in assessing the case in favour of showing more agreement and sympathy towards your case.


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