Our disputes and transactional lawyers in Singapore are hand-picked for their ability to combine domain expertise, practical experience and sensitivity in understanding and handling the unique nuances and needs of every client’s situation and business.

Jonathan Wong

Jonathan Wong

Managing Director

Tembusu Law

A modern day law practice, Tembusu Law is agile and lean – offering tailored and specific legal solutions to our clients. Our team of lawyers have the relevant experience and expertise in multiple disciplines and areas of the law. Dedicated to providing high calibre work and top-quality legal advice and services, speak with our team of lawyers in Singapore for a free consultation.

A Multidisciplinary Approach


One of the core tenets of the Tembusu Approach is in its belief that every individual deserves the right to fair and equal representation for legal issues. Regardless of case complexity, our team of top lawyers in Singapore have expertise in handling disputes across disciplines with the same level of professionalism and dedication. Likewise, we also have pro bono lawyers who are able to support those unable to afford legal fees.


Committed to delivering greater access to legal support, fairness and justice, our team of lawyers in Singapore are driven to impacting positive social change along with the increased awareness of the legal system here.

We aim to find the best legal solutions for both simple and complex legal matters through sustainably participating in improving the well-being of communities here in Singapore through our practice of law.


Our lawyers have handled cases without much fuss and achieved a high success rate due to their experience and expertise in many different types of law. For legal advice, speak with any of our lawyers in Singapore today.
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Our Lawyers & Their Expertise

Dedicated to our clients’ cause and fight for a fair judgment, our team of lawyers in Singapore are some of the very best, with expertise spanning a wide range of legal disciplines. Engage with our top lawyers for legal advice in any of the following areas:

Why engage our team of lawyers at Tembusu Law?

At Tembusu Law, we understand that selecting the right lawyer is a challenging yet critical process. Working zealously to protect your best interests, our lawyers identify, explain, compare and communicate options and courses of actions to ensure a fair and favourable outcome. Committed to helping every client, we ensure transparency about the pragmatic and legal advantages and disadvantages of each legal step, and advise on your legal rights and obligations throughout the proceedings.

Through the years, our team of lawyers has continued to raise the bar in delivering positive outcomes for clients. Applying the Tembusu approach to every case, we push boundaries while leaving financial performance on the backburner. Running on the philosophy to create social value, the main aim of our lawyers is to drive positive social change in Singapore.

If you are looking for thought leaders in a practice area, such as litigation, criminal defence, arbitration and mediation, or more, our lawyers at Tembusu Law will bring you the best legal services in Singapore.

Main areas of practice

1. Litigation & dispute resolution

Litigators at Tembusu have a track record of successes for high-stakes, complex cases. Armed with the knowledge and expertise to resolve cases in a strategic manner, your Tembusu litigation attorney will handle your civil lawsuit throughout the trial. The top-tier class actions employed by our lawyers will ensure the best possible settlement.

2. Corporate & commercial

Focused on supporting all legal matters of your business needs, our team of paralegals offer legal advice on regulatory and compliances issues, commercial disputes and agreements, and even employment matters. Skilled in handling anything from confidentiality agreements to supply of goods and services, Tembusu helps corporate and commercial businesses create long-term economic value.

3. Criminal defence

Specialising in criminal defence and practices in the jurisdiction, Tembusu’s defence attorney serves as your guide and confidant in the complex criminal justice system. Defending your rights, our lawyers provide you with personalised services when accused of committing general and regulatory offences.

4. Family law

Our team of family and divorce lawyers helps you navigate through difficult family law disputes under the judicial system in Singapore.

Frequently Asked Questions About ENGAGING LAWYERS in Singapore

Who is the best lawyer in Singapore?

There is no simple or definitive answer to this. The top lawyers in Singapore are typically those who provide a trusted and independent approach when offering legal services. Beyond only seeking for a top, leading lawyer, you should base your decision to choose your provider of legal services on the value proposition of the lawyer and law firm. 

Good legal representation should not be associated with the most expensive or famous  lawyer, but rather by the lawyer that truly understands and respects the distinctive nuances of each person’s legal issues when designing and delivering the appropriate legal solutions.

Why do you require a lawyer for legal matters in Singapore?

Many feel that legal matters such as contesting minor traffic violations may not require legal representation. However, hiring an attorney is critical in complex legal disputes that go through a long process in the Singapore court and can help mitigate the risk of losses and unfair and inequitable judgements and sentencing.

So when is it advised to engage a lawyer? A lawyer is essential when the law is too complicated for you to fight or plead your case without potentially serious ramifications, or when you’re looking to present an effective plea bargain or challenge evidence.

How do I find the right lawyer?

The first step to finding the right lawyer in Singapore to represent your case is understanding the type of legal matter you have at hand.

A lawyer experienced in the specific practice area which concerns your case is best placed in resolving your problem. Many feel that reaching out to lawyers who have a track record of success could make a difference in the outcome of your case.

Beyond merely the record of success, length of service can also be an indicator of expertise as well as a breadth of perspectives in terms of a stronger ability in navigating the difficulties of the legal process. 

Ultimately, find a lawyer that you trust, that you feel understands your concerns, priorities, and objectives, and one that is able to work within a fair and feasible budget that you can afford.

How do I engage a lawyer if I can’t afford it?

Several legal aid services address the issue of high legal fees in Singapore. Volunteer Lawyers of the Law Society’s Criminal Legal Aid Scheme (CLAS) and other panels such as Legal Assistance Scheme for Capital Offences (LASCO) and Consumer Association of Singapore (CASE), the Tembusu team of Pro Bono lawyers will assist you with your legal issues, at a subsidised rate or for no cost at all. Committed to supporting every individual, we offer free legal advice in Singapore for those who require it. 

What happens after I hire a lawyer?

Upon engaging a lawyer, a confidential consultation will typically be held where your lawyer will give you legal advice on the next course of action. Be it drafting an affidavit or sending a letter of demand, your lawyer will take the lead of the proceedings based on your decision. Working closely with you, your attorney will guide you through the entire legal process till the trial is over.


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